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Findings From Examining More Than a Decade of Public ICS/OT Exploits

Dragos currently tracks more than 3000 Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) that affect ICS/OT networks. Of these CVEs, more than 400 have at least one publicly available exploit and some with multiple. Public exploits affect every level of an industrial environment, providing adversaries pre-packaged tools capable of infiltrating and spreading through an ICS/OT network.

Download this whitepaper to enable operators to remediate ICS/OT vulnerabilities more effectively. You will learn:

  • What well-known organizations publish nearly 25% of all public ICS/OT exploits
  • Why the amount of ICS/OT CVEs decreased in 2020
  • Why the ability to pivot and persist within an ICS/OT network is the most common impact of a public exploit
  • What public exploits are useless within the context of an ICS/OT network
  • Based on the known public ICS/OT exploits, what vulnerabilities should be remediated first

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