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Achieving OT Network Visibility and Detective Controls in a NERC CIP World

Cybersecurity standards are in a continuous state of evolution. Over time, events occur that provide new insights to emerging operational risks, and organizations look to innovative technologies to help manage the risks to their businesses. This dynamic landscape creates challenges for electric utilities, regulators, and solutions providers, all of whom are working hard to adhere to internally developed standards while simultaneously looking ahead to a time when the standards may need to mature. 

Written by Tim Conway, SANS Technical Director for ICS and SCADA programs, this paper examines the NERC CIP standards and explores how to balance technology implementations for resilient operations, cybersecurity, and compliance benefits. It provides information about how to integrate solutions into CIP programs that help drive OT network visibility, threat detection, and incident response actions using Dragos. 

Read the paper to find out about:

  • The 5 stages of CIP evolution as part of a solution evaluation
  • What to consider when evaluating a technology to incorporate within a CIP program
  • How to integrate solutions into CIP programs to drive detection and incident response using Dragos
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