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11.01.19 | 0 min read

Dragos to Co-Host Threat Hunting Webinar with Tim Conway of the SANS Institute

Dragos, Inc.

On November 22 2019, Dragos Director of Research and Development, Dan Gunter, and Dragos Industrial Hunter, Marc Seitz, will co-host a webinar with the SANS Institute’s Tim Conway detailing their proven threat hunting model and explain how to apply it to real-world threat hunting scenarios, how to pinpoint adversary behavior patterns, and how to stop threats from going undiscovered on your ICS networks.    

What Attendees Will Learn

The first part of the webinar will overview the 6 steps of successful threat hunting (Purpose, Scope, Equip, Plan Review, Execute, and Feedback) in an interview-style session to overview the methodology, examine real-world datasets the model was tested against, and determine how to measure the success of threat hunts. 

The second part of the webinar will apply the threat hunting model to a real-world threat hunting scenario to demonstrate how analysts can use each step to hunt and identify threats.

Attendees will leave the webinar with an understanding of:

  • Why proactive threat hunting is necessary for effective ICS cybersecurity defenses
  • How to complete effective threat hunting from A to Z
  • What adversary behavior (tactics, techniques, and procedures) patterns look like
  • How to apply a repeatable, scalable threat hunting model to real-world threat hunting scenarios
  • How to measure the effectiveness of threat hunts 

Registrants who attend the webinar will also receive a 6-part blog series capturing the threat hunting methodology, the companion whitepaper co-authored with SANS, and a free threat hunting poster.

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