The ICS Village equips industry and policymakers to better defend industrial equipment through experiential awareness, education, and training. The ICS Village allows defenders of any experience level to understand unique failure modes of real systems and how to better prepare and respond to the changing threat landscape. Interactive simulated ICS environments, such as Hack the Plan(e)t and Howdy Neighbor, provide safe yet realistic environments to preserve safe, secure, and reliable operations. The ICS Village brings a compelling experience for all experience levels and types, with IT and industrial equipment.

The Dragos team has been supporting the ICS Village since its inception in 2014 with people, equipment and software. As the only Gold Sponsor, Dragos strives to help support the ICS Village with personnel, equipment and funding in their mission to offer an interactive learning approach to industry stakeholders to get hands equipment experience with real components such as Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), Remote Telemetry Units (RTU), actuators, to simulate realistic environments.

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