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Keysight Technologies

Improving visibility across industrial networks and minimizing risk to legacy systems

Dragos and Keysight Technologies are working together to enhance visibility and security throughout your network, regardless of your organization’s OT complexity.

Organizations can leverage Keysight’s visibility solutions to feed data to the Dragos Platform to help streamline security of the ICS/OT network infrastructures while helping to avoid operational impacts in legacy systems.

The joint solution provides OT and IT teams with visibility magnification, significantly reducing the potential for disruption across critical infrastructures in energy, manufacturing, mining, transportation, building automation, and other verticals across industries.

With this partnership, you benefit from: 

  • Enhanced visibility and security throughout your environment, regardless of network complexity.
  • Minimized Operational risk for legacy OT environments while supporting cybersecurity requirements.  
  • Reduced blind spots, allowing for safe monitoring of industrial networks for enhanced asset identification and threat detection.
  • Ability to consolidate desired traffic if managed switches are available, regardless of limited site or rack space.

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