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Juniper Networks

Protecting Energy Systems from Cyber Threats

Juniper Networks and Dragos are teaming up to provide OT (Operational Technology) defenders with solutions that will reduce the complexity of network security by improving the correlation of cyber events with a policy enforcement engine to take semi-automated responses to threats. Through this partnership, OT defenders will have the ability to analyze and make better threat intelligence-based decisions when implementing network segmentation and preventative controls.

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Based on its ability to identify assets, create baseline communication profiles between assets, and detect malicious threat behaviors, the Dragos Platform can rapidly pinpoint suspicious activity within OT/ICS environments and provide security analysts or SOC (Security Operation Center) personnel with context-rich insight into threats.

Juniper’s policy enforcement engine can ingest the indicators of compromise (IOCs) and other information from the Dragos Platform and enable semi-automated action to take place based on various threat levels. Actions may include threat intelligence gathering, redirection of a network flow or VLAN, or, in extreme cases, the quarantining of network traffic at the IP (Internet Protocol) level.

With this partnership, you benefit from: 

  • More efficient security operations. By integrating the Dragos Platform with Juniper Security Director, defenders have a more comprehensive workflow from initial threat detection through response, improving prevention and Mean Time to Recovery (MTTR) 
  • Cybersecurity expertise from an industry leader in enterprise IT (Information Technology) combined with Dragos’ leading industrial cybersecurity intel capabilities to uncover new threat actors and their associated behaviors to enhance cybersecurity situational awareness.
  • Threat Analytics, Alerts, and Playbooks unique to Juniper Networks systems for threat-based recommendations on how to respond after detection.

The partnership between Juniper and Dragos provides asset owners with increased ICS (Industrial Control Systems) threat landscape awareness, allowing for faster detection of threats and more effective & efficient response. As suspicious activity is detected in the wild, Dragos develops advanced detection capabilities along with alerts and detailed investigation playbooks to guide defenders through a response process.

For a look at how Juniper Networks and Dragos are doing this today, check out the Converged Industrial Edge (CIE). An open, multivendor solution architecture built to support the safety, reliability, security, and long-life cycle requirements of critical infrastructure environments.

Dragos, Juniper Networks, and Schweitzer Engineering Labs (SEL) create the Converged Industrial Edge.

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