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Dragos and IBM Security Team for Improved Visibility of OT Threats

Dragos and IBM Security are working together to provide increased visibility and improved correlation of cyber events. The Dragos Platform integrates with IBM Security QRadar by sending information received in critical OT networks to enterprise Security Operations Centers (SOCs). The information is used by security analysts for incident response and investigation.

Dragos and IBM Security combine to provide cyber defenders with a unified view of threats and events across converged IT and OT environments via technology integration and greater community awareness of threats as a result of joint Threat Intelligence research.

With this partnership, you benefit from: 

  • Combined IT-OT Domain Experience that leverages the industrial and enterprise cybersecurity expertise from Dragos and IBM Security X-Force to help uncover threats and improve overall security posture.
  • Enhanced Visibility of IT and OT Networks that combines the IBM Security QRadar SIEM technology and the Dragos Platform ensures more effective asset visibility, threat detection, and response in both the IT and OT domains.
  • More Efficient Security Operations by integrating the technologies enables defenders with a more comprehensive workflow from initial threat detection through response, improving Mean Time To Recovery (MTTR).

Dragos Platform Extension for QRadar

This extension, now available from IBM, integrates the Dragos Platform technology for Industrial Control Systems (ICS) security with IBM.

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