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Industrial Cyber Risk Management

Assess risk, take key steps to reduce exposure, and partner with the platform vendor pre-approved by key industrial cyber risk insurers.

Your Guide to Effective Cyber Risk Management

Industrial systems are targets. State sponsored threat groups invest significant resources discovering vulnerabilities and creating tools to exploit them. Ransomware gangs are prevalent, leveraging the new while using the tried and true. Attacks are increasing and can have significant impacts to safety, environment, and revenue. 

Industrial firms look to cyber insurance to help mitigate the risk; they are finding that costs can be prohibitive, or they may be uninsurable because you don’t have the OT security program set in place for effective cyber risk mitigation. 

Assess Your OT Cybersecurity Risk

By assessing the risk and taking steps to improve your OT security profile can reduce the cost of cyber insurance.  Dragos has the technology platform, threat intelligence, & professional services to vastly improve your OT security program. We partner with major cyber insurance specialists to help you implement an effective industrial cyber risk management program. 

A diagram of an cyber risk management program Dragos

diagram showing the 5 critical controls for ot cybersecurity from Dragos

Reduce Cyber Risk with 5 Critical Controls

SANS has outlined Five Critical Controls for effective OT security. An ICS incident response plan, Defensible Architecture, ICS Network Visibility & Monitoring, Secure Remote Access, & Risk Based Vulnerability Management.  

The Dragos platform delivers the network visibility and monitoring; it includes risk-based vulnerability management, helps you to more effectively respond to incidents, and validates defensible architecture controls. Our industrial Incident Response professionals can rapidly act to investigate & resolve incidents, working hand-in-hand with your security teams, insurers, and other parties.  

Partner with Insurance Firms that Pre-Approve Dragos 

Insurers and brokers know that the combination of Dragos platform, IR resources, and threat intelligence can reduce the cost of incidents. Dragos is experienced with complex reporting requirements, communications, and relationships dynamics that emerge during cyber incidents. Our IR experts help you navigate that “worst day”, while our Platform technology and Threat Intel reduce the risk of a successful attack – and reduce insurance premiums.

Our Trusted Partners

We’re proud to partner with companies that enhance our ICS threat intelligence capabilities.


We were looking for a cybersecurity partner who could deliver a wider range of cybersecurity services and one who could work closely with our technical team members and really investigate the critical controls needed on the infrastructure side. This is what led us to Dragos.

Joe Reilly, Director of Operational Technology, Orlando Utilities Commission

Get Your Cybersecurity Challenges Under Control

Wherever you are in your cybersecurity journey we’re here to help.