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RSAC Unplugged Sydney

Date: October 10, 2019
Location: RSAC Unplugged Sydney

Throughout the last decade, various threat groups have focused R&D capabilities on the ability to cause real-world, physical damage through the exploitation of cyber physical systems.  Capabilities are being included in offensive cyber-warfare strategies and have already been seen as preferential to traditional weapons strikes.  As attacker capabilities increase, we must also increase our awareness of the attackers and prepare defenses for when they come knocking.

This presentation provides an overview of several incidents that have bridged the cyber-physical gap, resulting in real-world consequences to the safety and stability of physical systems.

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Bridging the IT and OT Gap for Effective Incident Response


ICS/OT Networking Sundowners Event – Birmingham 


ICS/OT Networking Sundowners Event


Alex Cheamitru
Liz Martin
 Kurt Gaudette
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