Start Date: January 30, 2019
End Date: January 30, 2019
Location: Virtual

This webinar concludes the three-part whitepaper series, co-authored by Dragos and GE, that provides engineers and designers of industrial control systems (ICS) processes steps for stronger and more effective defenses. In this webinar, data is emphasized not as exhaust left-over from a sensor-heavy process, but as the driver of future value that enables visibility, understanding, and ever-more-precise control of processes—though the activities to increase value by using more distributed information and system connectivity potentially expose systems to risk of cyber exploitation.

Topics are delivered in 3 parts:

  • Topic one: When clear articulation of engineering and business requirements drive security, rather than the adverse, greater value is derived and provides a construct to capture basic connectivity between systems as a foundation for contextualizing threats and security solutions
  • Topic two: How to cost-effectively understand threats against industrial systems and make security adaptable based on connectivity requirements from the business and the threats to the processes, rather than published vulnerabilities and exposures
  • Topic three: How engineers can guide the implementation of good ICS security into the future as next generation control systems and connectivity requirements emerge. Topic three assumes knowledge of the basics and focuses on what engineers should learn to design next-generation security around the business and engineering requirements of ICS

Date: Jan 30th @ 1:00 PM EST
Hosts: Reid Wightman (Dragos) and Kenneth Crowther (GE)

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