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04.30.20 | 1 min read

Dragos Presents: 2019 ICS Year in Review Posters

Dragos, Inc.

Each year, to accompany Dragos’ ICS Year in Review reports, we release key findings posters that summarize the highlights of each report. These posters represent our team’s chance to brainstorm exciting, creative ways to present the information and research we work hard to collect and produce each year for the ICS/OT cybersecurity community. 

This year, as we continue to navigate through uncertainty and unanticipated challenges, we hope these posters offer a much needed distraction from the circumstances we can’t control and help us all reflect on what we can control: education, knowledge sharing, and building a safer, more defensible cybersecurity community for us all. 

This year’s theme is especially nostalgic–weaving aspects of the “old” world into the new, giving a panel-by-panel glimpse of the comic-book style action garnered from our threat intelligence, vulnerability data, and customer engagements. You can view the exciting series here, and we encourage you to download them, share them, hang them in your offices (or work-from-home workspaces), and enjoy the collection we created with each and every one of you in mind.  

As a special note, we would like to thank the tireless efforts of our graphics design team who brought these posters to life and reminded us not only that we have the best team in the multiverse, but also that we are fortunate to serve the best community, as well. Thank you to our customers, fellow practitioners, asset owners, partners, and friends for your continued support in helping us carry out our mission of safeguarding civilization and ensuring we all have access to safe and reliable infrastructure we depend upon daily. 

To learn more about Dragos’ ICS Year in Review, visit https://www.dragos.com/year-in-review-2019/ or contact us at info@dragos.com

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