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06.07.22 | 2 min read

Dragos OT-CERT Providing Industrial Cybersecurity Resources for the OT Community

Dragos, Inc.

Introducing Dragos OT-CERT

ICS/OT environments and their cybersecurity risks are often not as well understood by organizations as IT environments, and many organizations simply don’t have the resources or expertise to address these unique risks.  As cyber threats on industrial infrastructure continue to rise, ICS asset owners and operators know that operational technology cyber security should be a top priority but may not know where to start, and struggle with how to build and grow an OT cybersecurity program.

Dragos OT-CERT is an Operational Technology Cyber Emergency Readiness Team, purpose-built to address this resource gap in securing industrial infrastructure. Designed to provide free resources to the OT community, OT-CERT offers access to information and materials to help organizations prepare for cyber threats, build an OT cybersecurity program, improve their security posture, and drive down risks in their OT environment.

Who Should Join?

While membership is open to organizations globally, OT-CERT is especially beneficial for small and medium sized firms that don’t have access to the same level of resources as large enterprises. No matter where you are in your cybersecurity journey, you’ll find resources with OT-CERT to help you build and grow your OT cyber program.

Larger organizations will also benefit from OT-CERT. By introducing organizations in their supply chain to the free resources available, they can mutually improve their security posture and drive down OT cybersecurity risks within business operations.

How Do I Join the OT-CERT Community?

Applying for membership is easy, simply fill out the registration form on our website. Applications are reviewed to confirm applicants are OT asset owners or operators. Once confirmed, members will receive a welcome email with instructions on accessing the OT-CERT portal that launches in July. Register today – you don’t want to miss it!

We’ll be rolling out some exciting resources to help you get started, like an OT Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment to help you assess how well your organization is covering the OT cybersecurity basis, and a toolkit that features an Asset Management guide, training, and template for gathering your asset inventory!

What Kind of Resources Does OT-CERT Provide?

New exclusive resources will be available every month from the OT-CERT portal, starting with a self-service ransomware tabletop exercise kit, followed by best practice blogs, webinars, reports, and training.

ICS/OT Vulnerability Disclosures

Information on security vulnerabilities found in OEM products will also be available on our website. Dragos is committed to the public disclosure of newly identified ICS/OT cybersecurity vulnerabilities, and OT-CERT will work closely with OEMs on vulnerability disclosures and cyber threats discovered by our Threat Intelligence team. A list of security advisories will provide insights to the specific vulnerabilities that are reported, helping to better protect the OT community.

Partnering with OT-CERT

Partnerships are critical to the success of OT-CERT, enriching the impact for the ICS/OT community. By sharing information and resources to meet the needs the community, we are empowered to bring a more collective awareness to OT cybersecurity issues.

OT-CERT will work with partners to host regional workshops, with a focus on engaging plant managers, engineers, security, and IT personnel. Workshops can be jointly branded, and customized to meet partner needs. By establishing and emphasizing community relationships, together we can build and cultivate a trusted advisor relationship, helping underserved companies and the ICS/OT community protect themselves for long term industry impact.

To become an OT-CERT Partner, reach out to us directly and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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