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06.14.22 | 2 min read

Delivering Secure, Future-Ready Digital Transformation with Dragos and ServiceNow Integration

Manufacturing companies such as those in the food & beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries are taking steps to future-proof their networks against the effects of a changing landscape to meet the evolving needs of their customers. To keep pace with digital transformation and evolving manufacturing sector demands, companies are looking to harness connected operations to improve efficiency, and to optimize operational performance and growth.

With this connected industrial landscape, cybersecurity threats to Operational Technology (OT) networks are increasing in frequency, sophistication, and severity, further increasing potential risks to business operations with potentially significant consequences. This is pushing security teams to provide a complete view of both IT and OT systems for more effective threat detection and incident response strategies.

Having complete asset visibility is an essential step in any cybersecurity program, as defenders first need to understand the environment they are protecting before they can take measures to do so. Maintaining an accurate asset inventory can be challenging within these unique environments, as OT systems are heavily engineered and inextricably tied to specialized machinery, operating with unique protocols and vastly longer lifecycles than IT equipment. Traditionally, OT system details are collected manually on clipboards and spreadsheets, leading teams to look for automated solutions to reduce manual labor and provide real time visibility that are safe for the OT environments.

Scale ServiceNow Deployments with Dragos OT Asset Visibility & Vulnerability Management

To address improved ICS/OT asset visibility and better-informed workflows, Dragos and ServiceNow have released a new integration – designed to fully integrate ecosystems, gain end-to-end data visibility, optimize service delivery, and reduce costs.

ServiceNow is widely deployed across enterprise networks, giving IT assets and changes, automatic visibility. However, a detailed asset inventory is a prerequisite to enabling specific workflows and ticketing functions. Given the complexity and criticality of OT environments, ServiceNow has limited OT assets visibility, reducing available workflows for those systems.

Figure. Example of assets and attributes available within ServiceNow.

The comprehensive asset inventory within the Dragos Platform can be shared with ServiceNow via an OT Management certified Service Graph Connector integration. This allows customers to utilize the asset visibility of previously unseen OT assets from the Dragos Platform within their existing ServiceNow deployments. Enabling customers to add OT assets to existing workflows, develop new and more informed workflows for OT assets based on specific attributes, and further enhancing ticketing functions.

Through the OT Vulnerability Response Integration, users can now provide corrected and enriched vulnerability detail that allows customers to manage the entire lifecycle of specific vulnerabilities in their environment, showing historical disposition – through continuous, automated collection and analysis. This includes prioritized guidance with “Now, Next, Never” giving customers the information needed to focus on the highest priority issues to mitigate risk, minimize downtime, and allocate cybersecurity resources where they are most needed.

By integrating the two technologies, customers now have a more complete view of all assets across IT and OT, providing well-established workflows that equate to improved business efficiencies and a more effective response program when performing incident response across both networks.

Learn more about the Dragos partnership with ServiceNow today.

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