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What’s Behind the IT/OT Cultural Divide?

A CISO Panel Examines Key Findings From the 2021 State of Industrial Cybersecurity Report.

Are you surprised to learn that only 21% of organizations achieve full maturity for ICS/OT cybersecurity and regularly inform their C-suite about OT cyber status?

Unpack the findings of the just-released Ponemon Institute report on the state of industrial cybersecurity in 2021. Hear from chief information security officers about their challenges securing IT/OT environments and get report highlights, including:

  • The #1 challenge to IT and OT working cohesively. (It’s not what you think.)
  • How organizations in 15 different industries secure their OT environments.
  • Investment, priorities, and accountability for protecting industrial control systems.
  • Causes, consequences, and costs of an OT cybersecurity incident.
The 2021 State of Industrial Cybersecurity
How does the divide between IT and OT impact your cybersecurity posture?
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