Dragos, Inc

Data centers stand as a prime target for cybersecurity adversaries seeking to steal sensitive data and disrupt business operations. Enterprises have countered the threat by bolstering the cybersecurity of their data center IT systems and locking down the physical premises of data center facilities.

However, many of them are open to attack via the underlying operational technology (OT) that powers building automation systems (BAS) and keeps server lights blinking. Such was the case with a major technology and services provider that recently engaged Dragos’ Professional Services Team to help it begin to assess and plan for the cybersecurity of the critical environments running its data centers. As a result of these engagements, the provider was able to:

      • Increase visibility of the assets and communications on its OT network
      • Understand critical gaps in its defensive coverage, which were mapped to MITRE ATT&CK for ICS
      • Up-skill its ICS threat landscape knowledge with expert-led training
      • Solidify OT incident response plans by conducting a tabletop exercise
      • Work toward integrating the Dragos Platform into its preferred SIEM

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