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Join Robert M. Lee on Dec. 8 as he shares strategies for effectively communicating with your board about the critical need for additional funding in OT cybersecurity.

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Is IT Cryptography the Right Tool for Your OT Network?

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Join Dragos, SEL, and Duke Energy as they discuss the hidden costs behind common cryptographic implementations in OT environments. Only properly implemented crypto can minimize adverse reliability impacts to prevent the expansion of attack surfaces for potential threat actors. Data authenticity and integrity security controls are vital for cryptographic implementations at Industrial Control System (ICS) infrastructure. While the use of commodity cryptography is an attractive choice, there are many special considerations for ICS environments that need to be addressed when designing the data-in-motion security controls.

You’ll learn about:

  • Positive and negative impacts of cryptography on ICS and the fundamentals of critical infrastructure devices and systems.
  • Recommended metrics for crypto implementations for ICS to maximize the security benefits while minimizing the impact on availability and reliability
  • A practical framework for planning ICS crypto implementations focused on supporting human beings with “plug and play” capabilities while securing long-term automated telemetry and high-speed protection or other automated controls.


  • Josh Carlson, Senior Business Development Manager, Dragos
  • Casey Roberts, Senior Cybersecurity Architect – OT, Duke Energy
  • Colin Gordon, Lead Application Engineer, SEL – Infrastructure Defense
  • Dan Gunter, Director of R&D, Dragos

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