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A snapshot of the cyber activities threatening industrial operations in the Gulf Cooperative Council Region.

Cyber adversaries understand the significance of oil and natural gas operations in the Gulf states. Malware operators are increasingly targeting ONG and related energy industries to further political, economic, and national security goals, threatening the availability of industrial technologies and safety of those operating them. Industrial asset owners and operators can defend against these threat groups, but only if they can identify suspicious behavior and have the operational technology (OT) network visibility to see it.

Get the insights you need to defend against these cyber threats in this free download from Dragos, the largest global team dedicated to protecting industrial control systems. Understand the complete perspective of threats targeting the GCC energy domain and learn:

  • Why all stages of ONG operations are high-value targets for cyber attacks.
  • The characteristics and behaviors of the 10 Dragos Activity Groups operating in the Gulf ONG sector.
  • How OEMs, third-party vendors, and supply chains increase risk in your network.
  • Defensive recommendations to strengthen your ICS/OT cybersecurity posture.

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