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Press Release

Dragos to Participate in 2019 S4 Industrial Control Systems Detection Challenge

Dragos’ industrial cybersecurity platform will be used in S4 ICS Detection Challenge to identify ICS assets and detect and respond to threats.

HANOVER, Md.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Dragos, Inc., provider of the industry’s most trusted industrial cybersecurity platform and services, announced today its participation in the 2019 S4 ICS Detection Challenge. The goal of the challenge is to demonstrate a range of market-leading industrial control systems (ICS) cybersecurity technologies and to identify capabilities and limitations of these ICS platforms to create asset inventories and detect cyber incidents.

“This year the challenge has expanded to include threat detection and, as such, Dragos is looking forward to participating,” said Dragos CEO and Co-Founder Robert M. Lee. “The S4 conference is doing the community a service by hosting these types of events and offering a view of some of the real-world requirements for ICS defenders, which is vital to helping the industrial community learn more about what is available.”

Dragos’ industrial cybersecurity platform, the Dragos Platform, codifies advanced threat analytics to provide operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) practitioners unprecedented visibility of their ICS assets and prescriptive procedures to respond to adversaries. With the Dragos Platform, ICS cybersecurity teams are equipped with the three components required to successfully detect and respond to industrial cybersecurity threats:

  • Asset inventory: identify ICS assets and how they are communicating via passive analysis of deep packet inspection of ICS protocols, traffic, and host logs
  • Threat detection: detect adversaries through codified threat analytics leveraging contextual correlations of threat behavior and relevant anomalies, techniques, tactics, and procedures
  • Investigation playbooks: step-by-step guidance on how to investigate specific threats
  • The Dragos Platform will be leveraged for the S4 ICS Detection Challenge in two phases:
  • Asset inventory: Dragos’ Platform will identify ICS assets within the environment
  • Threat detection: Dragos’ Platform will identify threats in the industrial environment and provide step-by-step guidance to analysts to assist them in detection and response

For more information about the Dragos Platform or Dragos’ participation in the 2019 S4 ICS Detection Challenge on January 15th, please visit https://www.dragos.com/platform/index.html, or contact sales@dragos.com.

About Dragos

Dragos’ industrial cybersecurity platform codifies advanced threat analytics to provide OT and IT practitioners unprecedented visibility and prescriptive procedures to respond to adversaries in the industrial threat landscape. With the Dragos platform, ICS cybersecurity personnel can independently identify ICS assets, detect ICS threats, and determine ICS cybersecurity-specific responses. Dragos’ offerings include: the Dragos Platform for ICS threat detection and response; Dragos’ Threat Operations Center for ICS threat hunting and incident response services; and Dragos ICS WorldView for weekly threat intelligence reports. Dragos’ platform distills decades of real-world experience from an elite team of ICS cybersecurity experts across the U.S. intelligence community and private industrial companies. Visit dragos.com for more information.


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