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Dragos and Crowdstrike Services

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The ICS/OT architecture review is a partner-delivered service from Dragos that can be
customized depending on your evaluation needs to include:

  • OT Program Assessment: Dragos’ most comprehensive type of Architecture Review evaluates your ICS/OT environment.
  • Program Review: Review the policies, procedures and organizational structure around your network security. Corporate and site plans may also be evaluated for consistency and completeness.
  • Collection Management Framework (CMF): Document and institutionalize data sources, outlining what, where, how and how long.
  • Crown Jewel Analysis (CJA): Identify primary assets and network locations where process disruption would most impact the organization, and analyze the potential consequences of an attack.
  • Topology Review: Evaluate industrial network segments to identify cybersecurity weaknesses and get recommendations to strengthen architecture and systems.
  • Compromise Assessment: Analyze your ICS/OT environment’s asset maps, indicators of compromise (IOCs), threat behaviors, asset and protocol vulnerabilities, unsecure credentials and more.
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