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Dragos Adds Unmatched Threat Intelligence to the Industry’s Only ICS Security Ecosystem

Sergio Caltagirone hired to lead Intelligence at Dragos. WorldView® product launched, which offers unparalleled visibility into threats jeopardizing control systems’ integrity and reliability, helps prioritize true risks to ICS assets, and improves security decision-making.

WASHINGTON, April 25, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Dragos, Inc., a cybersecurity company specializing in protecting industrial control systems (ICS) around the world, today announced a new threat intelligence service expanding the company’s software platform and ecosystem. Dragos’ new WorldView® intelligence insights give electric power, advanced manufacturing, oil and gas, petrochemical and other ICS operators unparalleled visibility into threats jeopardizing control systems’ integrity and reliability. WorldView helps prioritize true risks to ICS assets and improve security decision-making.

“Today’s ICS operators face the dual challenge of having to monitor all their connected assets and confront unique, customized attacks far below the radar of traditional cybersecurity products and ‘intelligence’ services poorly suited to industrial environments,” explained Sergio Caltagirone, Director of Threat Intelligence at Dragos and the former head of Microsoft’s threat intelligence programs. “Our new WorldView product uniquely focuses on ICS threats, delivering tailored situational awareness to Dragos customers. This empowers ICS operations and security teams to confidently understand the threat environment and manage their risks and responses appropriately.”

Experts in the Dragos’ Threat Operations Center (TOC) use sophisticated techniques and tools to monitor threat information sources, including ICS vendors, operator communities, security researchers and others. Analysis of emerging threats, claims and ramifications are then quickly entered into WorldView for distribution. WorldView users receive weekly, in-depth reports on the latest ICS threats that are further developed into threat detection analytics integrated within the Dragos platform to deliver real-time alerts and further protect customers.

Intelligence drives Dragos’ complete ICS security ecosystem, comprised of the company’s software platform, intelligence and threat operations capabilities. The Dragos Platform provides an intelligent, orchestrated, and automated approach to ICS asset protection, threat detection and analysis. Dragos Intelligence, featuring WorldView, contextualizes global threat information to guide security teams. Dragos Threat Operations performs advanced threat hunting, compromise assessments and incident response roles across the world’s most sophisticated and complex networks.

“Dragos is the only security firm with a Threat Operations Center dedicated to ICS risks and research, which makes WorldView an unmatched intelligence source,” added Ben Miller, Dragos’ Director of Threat Operations and previously the Associate Director of the Electricity Information Sharing & Analysis Center (Electricity ISAC). “With today’s announcement we are giving customers the type of actionable intelligence that TOC analysts use to get the job done.”

Dragos’ business is rapidly expanding worldwide, forging new customers and go-to-market partners drawn to the company’s security technology and unmatched reputation in the ICS domain. Dragos was recently selected to power Deloitte’s cyber risk platform for ICS and operational technologies (OT). Dragos’ Intelligence and Threat Operations teams publish cutting-edge original research, such as the closely-watched Project MIMICS (Malware in Modern ICS) study revealing new details about the reach of malware across energy and other ICS operators.

Customers, partners and others interested in the Dragos TOC and WorldView reports can contact info@dragos.com for more information on features and pricing.

Follow the Dragos team on LinkedIn and at @DragosInc.

About Dragos, Inc.
Dragos is the leading ICS security firm in the world. Founded by world-recognized industrial control system security subject matter experts from the U.S. intelligence community, Dragos is an industrial cyber security company working to provide a comprehensive security ecosystem instead of a single product or service. The Dragos Platform offers customers a single pane of glass into their industrial environment with a heavy focus on data collection, baselining, anomaly detection, and workflow automation to ensure that even small teams can operate similar to fully staffed security operations centers. Learn more at www.dragos.com.

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Tom Resau
W2 Communications

SOURCE Dragos, Inc.

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