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Control Loop Podcast Episode 25: Internal Network Security Monitoring (INSM) for the electrical sector.

Ukraine argues that cyberattacks against civilian infrastructure should be classified as war crimes. The Five Eyes take down Turla and its Snake malware. An Iranian threat actor turns its attention to infrastructure. The Bitter APT may be targeting Asia-Pacific energy companies. A Colonial Pipeline retrospective. ETHOS: a new private-sector OT risk information-sharing platform. CISA requests comment on software self-attestation form. Guest is Patrick Miller, CEO of Ampere Industrial Security, discussing INSM (Internal Network Security Monitoring) as a concept for the electric sector. In the Learning Lab, Dragos’ Mark Urban is joined by Dragos Principal Adversary Hunter Kyle O’Meara and Dragos Principal Intelligence Technical Account Manager Michael Gardner to discuss threat hunting. 

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Control Loop Podcast Episode 24: Asset inventory: Part of ICS network visibility and monitoring.


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