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Collective Defense for ICS/OT

Public and Private Partnership After the 100-Day Electric and Gas Plans

In April of 2021, the White House issued an ICS national security memorandum that pointed to a 100-day plan from DOE and DHS. The plan called on utilities to voluntarily enhance their OT security efforts and to collaborate more closely with the federal government. The plan was a success and over 100 utility and gas companies answered the call.

One of the vendors leveraged heavily was Dragos for its Neighborhood Keeper program, which was created in partnership with the DOE. Since then, E-ISAC, CISA, and NSA have opted in to enable information sharing in real-time like never before. While no endorsements are made, this webinar focuses on:

  • Lessons learned and successes.
  • How public and private sectors can work closely together to protect our infrastructure.
  • Collective defense capabilities that strengthen the community.

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