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Building and Retaining an ICS Cybersecurity Workforce

We recently hosted a webinar to address development and retention in the ICS cybersecurity workforce. You can view the recording above and slides here.

To better defend against the growing cybersecurity threats, many industrial organizations face challenges training and developing their existing IT/OT personnel. There is a worldwide cybersecurity skills shortage, and as the workforce gap continues to grow, it is putting organizations at higher risk. In this webinar Robert M. Lee, CEO and Founder at Dragos and Steve Livingston, Principal at Deloitte & Touche LLP, discuss:

  • Training, equipping and growing personnel with the needed skill sets
  • Supplementing the existing cybersecurity workforce
  • Addressing the impacts of hiring freezes and union restrictions
  • Building out real-world ICS testing labs and using them
  • Sustaining and growing cybersecurity knowledge and capabilities

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