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Bridging the OT Data to Visibility Divide

Presented by Dragos Principal Industrial Consultant Michael Hoffman and Keysight Technologies Securities Solutions Architect Phil Trainor, this webinar explores how asset visibility, network visibility, and threat detection work in conjunction to form a strong defense for your entire IT/ OT network. 

Asset visibility, threat detection, and investigative playbooks are critical ICS/OT technologies in your defense against industrial adversaries. However, accessing the information that these technologies need can be a significant challenge for asset owners and operators, as this information is often located throughout your OT environment, including the lower layers of the OT architecture. 

Watch this webinar to learn: 

  • How to identify and organize your most critical assets  
  • How to quickly drill down into vital device details to assist with investigations and compliance 
  • How network visibility tools can collect information from your OT architecture and feed it back to your ICS/OT cybersecurity tools. 

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