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10 Ways Asset Visibility Builds an Effective OT Cybersecurity Foundation

Asset visibility is at the foundation of the very best operational technology (OT) cybersecurity strategies. Many core cybersecurity program pillars depend on having rich and complete visibility with intelligence-driven context. Watch Dragos experts Elan Alvey and Markus Mueller discuss 10 ways that asset visibility helps inform a broader strategy for OT visibility. They will share stories from the field along with tips to consider around:

1.    Understanding what “normal” looks like
2.    Not just identifying, but verifying assets 
3.    Visualizing asset network communications
4.    Threat detection in an ocean of noise 
5.    Stopping rogue assets in their tracks
6.    Incident response when the heat is on
7.    Effective vulnerability mitigation
8.    Improving change management with configuration detection
9.    Minimizing the impact of compliance reporting
10.    Justifying security program investments

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