The Chertoff Group and Dragos have teamed to help organizations address the full range of security and business-related risks in their enterprise (IT) and industrial (OT) environments to achieve greater resiliency and enhance safety, responsiveness and productivity.

Together, Dragos and The Chertoff Group bring a different approach to your industrial cybersecurity. We begin by fully understanding your business objectives and then designing an effective security program for your converged IT and OT environment to support and advance those objectives.

  • Address enterprise security risk management across entire converged enterprise (IT) and operations (OT) environment with expert advisory services and technology from The Chertoff Group and Dragos.
  • Apply comprehensive and proven methodology from The Chertoff Group to address unique industrial risks, leveraging the industry-leading Dragos Platform, ICS threat intelligence, and proactive & responsive cybersecurity services.
  • Leverage threat-oriented and consequence-driven approach to better secure ICS operations with appropriate technical, process and strategic countermeasures.
  • Manage the full spectrum of enterprise security risks across the converged IT / OT environment with comprehensive joint services agreement.

About Our Partnership

Learn how to better protect your ICS environment with Dragos and The Chertoff Group.

Partner Brief

Learn more about the Chertoff-Dragos partnership, delivering a one-stop approach to truly understand your enterprise risk profile along with specific risk-based recommendations and actions to mitigate risk and build resiliency in your industrial operations.

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