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01.29.19 | 1 min read

Dragos Releases Platform Version 1.4

Dragos, Inc.

New asset identification, security analyst productivity, and integrations capabilities

Dragos is excited to announce new updates to the Dragos Platform with the release of version 1.4. We’ve enhanced user experience and accessibility of the Dragos Platform—allowing for increased visibility of industrial environments, faster insight into the health and status of deployed sensors, and deeper awareness of industrial assets and the ICS threat landscape.

Below are details of some of the new, key features available to our customers immediately. If you’d like to schedule a demonstration of the Dragos Platform and find out how our industrial cybersecurity software can provide unprecedented insight and security tools for ICS environments, please contact sales@dragos.com.

Key Features of Dragos Platform 1.4

Improved asset identification capabilities with new technological integrations:

  • Use Geo IP to locate assets on map view
  • New web API for OSIsoft to set up the flow of information from your Pi system to the Dragos Platform
  • Receive and process Syslog messages from other devices in your environment, including Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL) Real-time Automation Controllers

Improved threat detection and response with new content pack releases:

  • Upload custom-authored investigation playbooks directly into the Dragos Platform
  • Suggested playbooks automatically loaded to cases from detections dashboard
  • Access to new threat behavior analytics, investigation playbooks, device fingerprints, and ICS protocols

Improved usability and analyst productivity with new search and pivot functions:

  • Easily pivot to query focused datasets (QFDs) from investigation playbook tasks
  • Create and automatically populate cases from detections dashboard notifications
  • View and filter assets and external devices that do not fall in defined network ranges

Deployment and administration improvements, including:

  • Faster deployment of Dragos sensors
  • Status indicator on the detections dashboard to easily monitor the health of sensors and collector stacks for faster visibility into the health/status of your deployed sensors
  • Automatic support for high data load and large data set ingestion management in the Dragos Sitestore

Watch a video demo of the platform:

If you have any questions about the new features in Dragos Platform v1.4, or would like to find out how the Dragos Platform can benefit you, please contact info@dragos.com.

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