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This webcast explores what is known and not known about the CRASHOVERRIDE framework and how it affects our understanding of how grid operations can be impacted.

by Dan Gunter, Ben Miller, Joe Slowik - June 19, 2017

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CRASHOVERRIDE is a malware framework that has not been disclosed before today but is the capability used in the cyber-attack on the Ukraine electric grid in 2016 (not the 2015 attack).

by Robert M. Lee - June 12, 2017

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Insight into ICS SOC (pdf)

As industrial control systems (ICS) become more interconnected with each other and homogenous, there needs to be sufficient compensating controls put into place to ensure the safety and reliability of the operations.

by Robert M. Lee - March 21, 2017

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Project MIMICS - Stage One

What can the community learn in terms of realistic metrics and data points around malware in modern industrial control systems (MIMICS) from completely public datasets? That’s what project MIMICS sets out to do.

by Robert M. Lee - April 2, 2017