The Dragos and Cyware Partnership

Dragos and Cyware have teamed together to provide industrial organizations with a more holistic view of threat intelligence that covers both enterprise IT and industrial OT environments.

Security teams at industrial organizations can view Industrial Control System (ICS) focused threat intelligence from Dragos alongside other enterprise IT threat intelligence data within the Cyware Platform, providing analysts with decision advantage and improved situational awareness.

The combined Dragos and Cyware offering enables analysts to act based on comprehensive IT and OT threat intelligence – saving time and resources while reducing the impact of cyberattacks.

With this partnership, you benefit from:

  • Analysts benefit from having a consolidated view of both IT and OT threat intelligence through a single pane of glass for improved visibility, reduced monitor fatigue, and faster incident response.
  • Improved ICS vulnerability and threat awareness along with response recommendations enables a more proactive security stance across entire IT/ OT environment at industrial organizations.
  • Integration of Dragos Threat Intelligence reports and IOCs into the existing Cyware Platform installations means no additional infrastructure, reduced learning curve, and faster time-to-value.

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