Liz Tippitt

Product Marketing Manager

Liz Tippitt started as a USAF government contractor at Hanscom AFB, MA, where her interest in cybersecurity began. After working for two years as an IT project lead, she accepted a position at The SANS Institute as a part of the central marketing team, specializing in digital and print media for the organization.

Liz is currently the marketing manager at Dragos, where she works to ensure the awesome efforts of the organization, its team, and its mission are visible and readily available to the ICS community. Her favorite part of the job is being on a team whose passion is reflected in every aspect of its research, technology, and services.

In her spare time, you can find Liz coaching CrossFit and drinking wine in her home town of Napa, CA. She also gladly accepts the part-time position as the official Dragos bodyguard.


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