Joe Percivall

Senior Software Engineer

Joe Percivall started his career as a Software Engineer in government contracting gaining experience in the full stack of a large data processing platform. Joe left government contracting to join the start-up Onyara, a company founded around the dataflow project Apache NiFi. Hortonworks quickly acquired Onyara to build their “Hortonworks DataFlow” offering using NiFi as the core. At Hortonworks, Joe continued to learn about large-scale, distributed data ingest and processing. Joe also designed and wrote the founding implementation for many of the core components of NiFi’s sub-project MiNiFi. While working on the open-source project, Joe was elected by the community to be a committer and part of the Project Management Committee for the NiFi project.

While working at Hortonworks, Joe was introduced to the Dragos team through their mutual connections at Datatribe and was offered a position to leverage his background in dataflow between distributed systems. Joe resonated with Dragos’ core motto of “Safeguarding Civilization” and joined the Dragos platform team in January 2017 as the 10th employee. To date, Joe’s core responsibility is leading the design and development of the dataflow of the platform. He has also utilized his talents to jump into other parts of the platform as needed and has helped develop nearly every part of the platform development, from backend microservices to the UI. He also works to lead the team as the team’s ScrumMaster.

In addition to his development work at Dragos, Joe has gotten the opportunity visit and deploy hardware at various ICS sites. He particularly enjoyed getting a tour of the Control Room of a major electric utility.

As a speaker, Joe has presented at MeetUps and conferences around the world. Including a crash course on Apache NiFi[1] in Melbourne at the DataWork Summit and a hands-on presentation on Apache NiFi[2] at GeeCON in Kraków.

In his free time, Joe enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee, various video games and going shooting. Also, whenever he can, Joe loves to take trips to unique nature destinations. His favorite of which, so far, is the hike around Morskie Oko and Czarny Staw pod Rysami. Mountaintop lakes in the Tatras mountain range on the border of Poland and Slovakia.


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