Jeff Barber Headshot

Jeff Barber

Software Engineer

Jeff Barber is a software engineer at Dragos. His primary focus is on dissecting network traffic to feed information to the Dragos Platform.

Jeff started his career developing software for a dedicated word processor. He soon switched to operating systems work. After heading a Unix port project, he designed a secure OS framework and a secure windowing system, both of which were adapted to several different vendors’ Unix-based systems. He developed Windows drivers as well as high-performance linux network drivers. He’s written boot loaders and designed a custom embedded OS for an IBM network appliance. Over the years, he has worked for small companies as well as giant ones, and has worked on numerous other types of software, including web applications, print servers, web server plugins, database processing and blade chassis management software. For the last few years, he has primarily developed network packet processing applications.

Jeff lives in Boulder, Colorado and when not working or refereeing soccer, enjoys running, cycling, hiking and skiing, and sampling craft beers and whiskeys. He likes puzzles of all sorts and can often be found working on the New York Times crossword.


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