Cyber Threat Alliance

The CyberThreat Alliance Securing Edge Devices report provides CTA’s recommendations to manufacturers and organizations employing edge devices deployed at the boundaries, or edges, of interconnected networks, such as routers, switches, and firewalls.

Dragos, as a member of the CTA, has come together with other CTA members in this joint analysis to highlight the vulnerabilities and associated threats to these devices.

Securing any of these devices is complicated. Endpoint systems and other hosts are typically the focus of organizational security education and awareness and receive significant administrative security attention. By contrast, edge devices often work in the background with little oversight.

Cyber Threat Alliance members are committed to doing our part to highlight the threats and vulnerabilities of edge devices and working with device manufacturers and the owners and operators of these devices to ensure the security and resilience of their network traffic and connectivity.

(Note: This analysis will not cover internet-of-things (IoT) devices — such as home appliances, wearable technologies, and other smart gadgets — that are often talked about in tandem with edge computing and edge hardware. Securing IoT devices is incredibly important, but this analysis covers the devices that deal with enterprise network traffic, such as network edge devices, network security devices, network monitoring devices and customer premise devices.

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