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Join us Oct. 6 as Rockwell Automation & Dragos CEOs reshape the way you approach cybersecurity in manufacturing.

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Bridging the IT and OT Gap for Effective Incident Response 

Join us for an engaging N2K panel discussion between John Wood, Consulting Director, Unit 42 by Palo Alto Networks and Vernon McCandlish, Principal Industrial Incident Responder, Dragos, as we explore the unique challenges Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), Chief Risk Officers, and cybersecurity executives face to secure critical networks and assets from cyber-attacks.

Our expert panel will discuss: 

  • How has the Threat Landscape evolved and the implications of cyber incidents for IT and OT environments 
  • Insights into effectively bridging the gap between these two domains 
  • How to organize your teams to prepare for an incident, & strategies for integrating IT and OT incident response for enhanced cybersecurity 
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